On the Road  . . . . Keep in Touch with Our New Blog!!

On the Road . . . . Keep in Touch with Our New Blog!!

Posted by Rebecca L Mueller on 21st Mar 2019

Hello Everyone!

I’ve met some of you in the truck

Some of you at Ogilvie Transporation Center - the French market!

Some of you at Roosevelt Collection . . .

And most of you at Block 37!

I’ve learned about your jobs, bosses, families, relationships, health issues, dreams, pasts! You've learned about mine.

It’s so fun and I love every minute of it. I never imagined making so many amazing friends when I started this company with a pair of earmuffs 9 years ago.

I can’t physically be at our location at Block 37 as much as I used to be. I've been missing everyone greatly!

On August 2, I married this wonderful man named Jeremy! And its his fault!! Being married is time consuming!!!

I'm trying to balance being a good wife and running North & Hudson.

Jeremy is a captain and I’m the flight attendant. That is how we met 15 years ago. Maybe for another blog post but he helped me start North & Hudson years ago.

Currently, we live part time in Texas and part time Chicago. We are based out of Chicago and have been flying a lot of four day trips to the South and to the West Coast. This has been taking me out of Chicago a lot.

All of this is why you haven’t seen me as much at Block 37.

Kathy and Brianna are doing a phenomenal job at holding down the fort! Stop by and say hi and meet them if you haven’t already! They are both wonderful.

Jeremy and I are going on a lot of fun adventures while flying together. I’m learning so much about our country, being married, and running a business from the behind the scenes. I'm scoping out styles from all over the country from the deep South to California. This will all influence buying for the store as I discover new brands that I think you all will love.

Jeremy and I have lots of unconventional plans for the future (like moving into a van - I'll save that post for later). I’d love to share all of these experiences with you all!!

This is the reason for this blog post! I’m going to stay in touch via blogging, Facebook, emails, and Instagram. Please forgive me but I’m a bit technologically challenged to say the least. So it may not be pretty at first but it will get better as I learn. I'm counting on you all give me feedback on how to improve and what you want to hear about.

Please keep in touch with me by responding and or commenting via email, Instagram, Facebook.

Also please let me know what you prefer to see in the store and on web site. It’s harder when I’m not face to face to know what everyone wants!!

I miss everyone greatly that I’m not crossing paths with when I’m in the store and hope to keep in touch!

I’ll be in the store the last week of March - Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.